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Embracing Your Role as His Biggest Supporter

Embracing Your Role as His Biggest Supporter

Embracing Your Role as His Biggest Supporter

There is a significance to be understood in women being “fashioned from the rib” of man.

When woman is initially mentioned in the Bible, her nature is made evident  even before her name. The very nature of woman is directly related to us being made from the rib of man.

God could have made us from the same dirt he made man, but he didn’t. He could have used one of the other 200 bones in the body, but he chose a bone from the ribs.


The thoracic cage, (or rib cage) encloses the heart, and the lungs, among other organs that are vital to the normal functioning of the body. We are vital to our husband’s functioning as the head of our households.

It is our natural obligation to protect them, saturate them, and enclose them with prayer. Physically, a fracture or severe bruise to the rib cage and can be fatal. Taking that into consideration, apply the same concept to the spiritual aspect of all of this.

If we allow the enemy to knock us down and be bruised and helpless, what does that mean for our husbands?

As wives we must understand the role of the rib, especially as it pertains to our husbands.

Do you understand your role as the rib in assisting in the breathing process?

Or are you a puncturing rib causing suffocation and pain? If the ribs do not move, breathing will not occur in the body.

If you are not breathing…well…you are dead.

Additionally, if a rib doesn’t move in sync with the others or is a puncturing rib, it can restrict breathing and cause death. This is why it was imperative for Adam to be in a deep sleep when the rib was removed to create woman.

So as wives we must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things to ensure that we are helping our spouse breathe (which gives life), as opposed to being a rib that causes harm.

The rib cage is protection for the innermost organs in the body. We can reach our husbands unlike anyone, whether they are happy, or hurting.

Ribs are very strong, even in their delicacy and fragility.

It takes quite a devastating blow to damage them. Not only do they protect outside forces from harming the body, they protect the body from harm it could potentially do to itself.

We are so important.

Our husbands need us.

They might not think that they do, or want to admit that they do, but God does not make mistakes.

He knew there was a strong, yet  sensitive side that man was in need of, so he graced mankind with woman.


Can you remember what it was about your husband that made you fall in love with him?

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