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4 Items To Always Buy from Goodwill | Especially numbers 1 and 2

4 items to always buy from Goodwill

4 items to always buy from Goodwill

I’ve been to the Goodwill twice this week and got my hands on some really nice things which I shared some sneak peeks of on Instagram and then in detail on my other blog Aprons and Stilletos

When shopping at the Goodwill I always go with an open mind because I never know what I’ll find. I also go with an idea of items I want and need for my home and get very excited when I spot something that will fit the bill.

This week I was especially looking for items in four specific categories. With the change of season having just occurred, many people are, like myself, Spring cleaning which means they are also purging.

Many people and companies are purging out items that are still in good or excellent condition. Here are the categories I was on the lookout for.

1. Last Seasons Footwear

I’ll bet you didn’t know Target donates some of their unsold merchandise to the Goodwill. I always stop by the shoe section of my local Goodwill looking for brand new shoes. I spotted several styles and bought a pair that had been on my “want” list for a few months now.


I’ll share my finds and purchase wi

th you in a separate post.

2. Home decor

Many people are tired of the decor they’ve had for  awhile so they’ll be donating it to the Goodwill.

Goodwill - 7

Now’s a great time to be on the lookout for gently used and new items. While at the Goodwill I ran across a lot of nice pieces as well as many new pieces from the Target Threshold line that were brand new…because like I said — Target donates new unsold items to Goodwill.

3. Storage containers

You can always find storage containers at the Goodwill. These include vases, and all shapes, sizes and color containers. Containers can be used to hold anything you want to put in them. Smaller container can help keep larger areas organized and clutter free while larger containers like lidded baskets can hold extra pillows and throws.

4. Furniture

I just picked up some amazing pieces of campaign furniture which I plan to update and share with you soon. The two pieces that were in excellent and good condition.


If you’re looking for furniture pieces to repurpose or DIY, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Goodwill.

No be sure to take a look at what I bought on my recent trip to Goodwill.





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