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5 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Money

5 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Money

One of the greatest strains on a marriage can often stem from finances. Our relationship with money is very personal, how we spend, budget, save and earn can usually be connected to how we were raised.

For a long time, my relationship with money was based off fear and lack. For that reason I tried to control our finances.

Managing money from a place of fear will bring about strife in the relationship just as careless financial management will.

The place where Germaine and I are now is a good place. We work together to manage our fiscal resources and rarely, if ever disagree about the management of our money.

Our journey began in 2008 and since then I’ve written five specific posts that sum up the changes that took place.

5 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Money

  1. Marriage 101: Financial Tension

  2. How Do I Submit To my Husbands Financial Leadership?

  3. Tips for Talking to Husbands about Money

  4. I Want to Trust Him (God) More This Year

  5. How to Have a Peaceful Financial Meeting With Your Spouse

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If your marriage is struggling in the area of finances I want to pray with you. Navigating your marriage to a safe haven for financial discussion may seem hard, but it’s not impossible with God. It doesn’t matter if you have verbal disputes or give each other the silent treatment, neither is God’s excellent communication plan for you.

I want to see you win in your marriage. God has called us to be more than conquerors, and that begins with conquering the issues that plague our homes.

Heavenly Father, 

I am so concerned for those reading this right now. I remember how fragile my marriage was when Germaine and I argued over money and bills. Father, I’m asking that You bless the articles shared and make them a vehicle to bring restoration, wisdom and healing to those who read them.

I’m praying for divine intervention in the areas where marriages are struggling. I’m asking that you give these husbands and wives the words to better express themselves and that their heart be made able to hear the words their spouses are saying in love.

Where there is lack, I pray for abundance not just of finance, but of wisdom.

What is your favorite Bible verse pertaining to finances and money? Leave it in the comments below.

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