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How to Organize a Nightstand or End Table

How To Organize a Night Stand of End Table

How To Organize a Night Stand of End Table

I love an organized space. There is just something about an order that sets my mind at ease and frees me up to focus on other, more important things.

One of the spaces I absolutely like to keep organized is my nightstand and end tables. They are literally junk drawers beside your couch and bed, but they don’t have to be a disorganized mess.

I created a video showing how to organize a night stand or end table, but let me also share two tips that come to mind when planning what to keep in your end table or night stand.

1. Make a list of all the little items you always end up needing while in bed or sitting on the couch. It can be anything from nail clippers to a salt shaker.

2. Use mini containers to keep like items together and organized. Smaller items can quickly become scattered inside of a drawer with no containers to give it boundaries.

Take a look at how I organize my end table with containers in today’s video.

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