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10 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Home Decor

10 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Home Decor

When it comes to decorating my home, I don’t want to spend top dollar so I research ways to find the things I want at deep discounts.

Part of my role as a homemaker is to be a good steward over our finances so I use several avenues to save as much as I can when shopping for home decor.

Here are 10 strategies that have helped me avoid overspending on home decor.

1. Second Hand Stores

There are so many great deals to be found at second hand stores.

You can find many gently used items and even brand new stuff.

2. Yard Sales

Yard sales will offer close to the same price points as second hand stores, but you’ll have the option of haggling.

If your local thrift stores are not very neat, yard sales may be a better option.

3. Bartering

I know your friends and family have done home decor items they are tired, but just don’t know what to do with them.

Why not have a friends and family swap where everyone brings their things to one person’s home and swap items with others.

This is an inexpensive way to get new-to-you home decor and also purge your home decor.

4. Sales and Markdowns

Shopping by looking for sale tags will save you a good deal of money.

If you are patient you will be able to get more bang for your buck.

5. Clearance Section

This is a not different than shopping sales.

Clearance items are usually in a section all their own and offer deeper discounts than just sale priced items.

You’ll usually find clearance items marked down 75% off or more.

6. Coupons

This is especially true when shopping department and grocery stores.

Department stores often have flyers with coupons but also offer exclusive member only coupons.

7. Do it Yourself (DIY)

Many of the home decor items you see in stores can be recreated at home.

All you need is a little patience, Pinterest and ingenuity.

Once you figure what home decor item you want, try Googling it or searching for it on Pinterest.

You’d be surprised at the amount of fairly easy home decor DIY projects there are. We saved quite a bit of money by painting our laminate floors and gave them a fresh new look.

den flooring install before and after

We saved even more by installing our own flooring after watching a ton of Youtube videos.

8. Etsy

So many people are turning to Etsy for home decor items.

One of the more popular are custom prints and frames.

9. Craig’s List and Goodwill

This is one of my favorite resources for larger home decor items.

You can get larger pieces of furniture for way less than the market value.

Craig’s List and Goodwill have become popular for finding dressers, tables, armoires, buffets, credenzas and other large wood pieces.

Sometimes the pieces are in such great shape that you can use them as is. Others may need a little sanding and a cost of fresh paint like the $25 Campaign tables I bought and refinished last year.

$25 DIY Campaign Nightstand

10. Just do without.

Sometimes we can get in the mode where we think we need to buy things to make at home.

Homes are not created on things, they are built on the love between the people who live in the home.

I’d rather have a sparsely furnished home with love than to have an immaculate designer home with bickering and anger.

My goal as a homemaker is to create a place where my family feels loved, accepted and safe above all else.

What is one unique way you avoid overspending?

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