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Painted Keys Tutorial!!

DIY Blinged Out Keys

DIY Blinged Out Keys

I don’t have many keys on my key ring, but the few that I have caused me to waste a few seconds of my life everyday. I literally stand at the front door, flipping through each key looking for the one I need to unlock the door.

I needed a quick and cheap solution. Germaine was having the same problem so he went out and bought these, but I wanted something more feminine and personalized so I decided to do-it-myself.

I had some nail polish I have been trying to use up before it dries out, but I don’t think I’ll use it in time. I give myself a fresh pedicure and manicure every week, but that’s still not often enough to use up the amount of nail polish I own. Some of my favorite colors are already beginning to thicken up so I thought, why not use them on my keys.

DIY Blinged Out Keys

This project took me about fifteen minutes start to finish and everything I used I had on hand.

Each key got a different color and design. Each design will help me quickly distinguish which key is for which lock.

DIY Blinged Out Keys

Each key was coated with two coats of nail enamel. Because I know how easy nail enamel chips, I decided to add a final coat of polyurethane. Polyurethane works similar to a clear top coat of nail enamel, only it protects much longer.

DIY Blinged Out Keys

I just adore how cute my keys turned out.  How about you? Do you like it or no?

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2 thoughts on “Painted Keys Tutorial!!

  1. sheila martin says:

    Like it? no. Love It? YES! I Don’t know how I accumulated so many keys on my key ring but this is the answer to my prayer. Why didn’t I think of this. We bought an old RV this summer so now I have even more keys to sort out.
    Thank you for making my life a little smoother.
    Happy Holiday (Thanksgiving 2015)


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @sheila martin, LOL…thanks lady!! I painted mine in March and they haven’t even chipped yet. I love this idea. Happy Holiday to you too.


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