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Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

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Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum CleanerOur floors don’t stay clean for more than twelve hours so everyday is pretty much floor cleaning day. If you are a new mom and think you’re failing at homemaking just because your home isn’t spotless, please know that your value is not tied to how neat your home is.

Our home has two floors with a combination of bare and carpeted floors. My children are 11,13 & 15 and my home still doesn’t stay spotless. Training them to help me keep the house clean has been and ongoing job since they were old enough to walk and it will continue until they move out.

Our floor cleaning is divided mostly between me and my kids with my husband pitching in when he’s not working.

I clean the floors in the rooms where my husband and I spend the most time relaxing. I clean these areas because I want them spotless and my kids rarely do a thorough job of cleaning.

My kids are assigned the common areas and their bedrooms. To clean our floors we use the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®, currently available at Walmart, which cleans both carpeted and bare floors.

My daughter’s bedroom puts the most wear and tear on our vacuum because she thinks her bedroom doubles as a beauty salon for her dolls.

Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®If she’s not brushing her dolls hair she’s cutting it and most time that hair gets trapped in the vacuum brushroll.

Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®My daughter doesn’t really know how damaging this is to my vacuum because she is still just a kid. I’m sure she doesn’t give any thought to what I have to do to get these tangled strands out of the brushroll either.

Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®Pulling and cutting those grimy strands is one of my least favorite jobs and one I have to do in addition to cleaning and caring for my home.

Regular maintenance of my cleaning tools help them last longer and saves me money in the long run.

Here are a few tips on how I care for my vacuum plus a giveaway for a chance win your own Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®.

  • Once a week or as needed I empty the vacuum canister.

  • Bi-monthly quickly I wipe dust off the vacuum using a microfiber dusting cloth.

  • Bi-monthly of as needed I wash the filter.

  • Once a week or as often as needed I wipe the vacuum handle with a disinfectant spray or wipe. I try to wipe it after someone in the house has a cold as well.

  • Monthly is when I used to cut or pull the hair and string from the brushroll, but have been doing to as needed since the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® has a self cleaning brushroll feature. Leaving the hair on the brushroll forces your motor to work harder which causes it to break down faster.

Eureka #CleaningUntangled Sweeps!

Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®The way the self cleaning feature on my Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® works is by stepping on the pedal. Then a built in detangler comb lays on the brushroll and the comb easily removes hairs and string.


Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® I pretty much step on the self cleaning pedal whenever I see tangled strands. We vacuum pretty much everyday and our vacuum cleaners tend to last us five to seven years.


Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®


My husband convinced me early in our marriage to buy house cleaning tools that help me get chores done with as little stress and energy as possible. Sometimes that means spending a little more, but in the end it’s an investment. He showed me how to compare the extra time I would spend on chores with the savings I get from buying and inferior product. Since then I always take that into consideration when purchasing tools for my home.



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5 thoughts on “Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Joliegates says:

    I really appreciate your tips you share. These are really nice tips. Thanks


  2. I really appreciate you saying that my value as a new mom isn’t tied to the cleanliness of my house. I know that’s true, but on days like today where I haven’t had time to get to the dishes in days and have a pile of laundry almost taller than myself waiting to be folded, it’s hard to keep a good perspective. I also really like the idea of buying products that will help me get chores done with as little stress and energy as possible. It might be boring, but I think I’ll be asking for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas!


  3. Catrina Dugue says:

    My kids are 8, 5, 2, and a few minths old. Oh the fun I would have with this!!


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