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How to Thrive Not Just Survive Life

How to Thrive Not Just Survive Life

How to Thrive Not Just Survive Life

When it comes to marriage and raising kids, survival is not an option. You should want to do more than just survive. You should thrive in your role as wife and mom.

Since becoming a wife and mother I have been stretched beyond what I thought I was capable. My patience, faith and depth of grace has been tested. There have been times when I’ve wanted to just throw in the towel, but my life that is wrapped up in Christ won’t allow it.

When I find myself floundering around, lost and unsure how to get through the challenges of life God always and I mean ALWAYS calls my name.

When my heart is aching after a disagreement with my husband and when I’m guilt ridden after losing it with my kids, He calls my name.

In the presence of the King is where I find grace and restoration and it’s where you’ll find yours too.


A perfect family doesn’t mean that there aren’t struggles. In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect family. We are all flawed and that will come through in our relationships, but it is what we do despite those flaws that will make an eternal impact.

Your family knows who you are behind closed doors. They know your best and your worst, but my friend don’t get so caught up on trying to convince the world everything is perfect and forget to be transparent with those who live with you daily.

If you are struggling as a mom and your children are old enough for you to have a discussion, talk to them about it. Explain to them why you lose it and how you are working on it. Talk to them about how they can help. The same is true with your husband.

Have the conversations that need to be had concerning behavior behind closed doors that is not healthy for your family.

It’s so important for use to share our struggles with those whom they affect. Part of my maturity process in learning to patiently parent my children and respect my husband was including them in the process.

I made the decision to talk them about where I was and where I wanted to be. Once I made it clear that I wanted to be different, it helped them feel safer around me. I didn’t want to wake up everyday with the goal of just getting through it, I wanted to enjoy my life, my husband and my children. Once I made up my mind to thrive I became more intentional about the things I did as a wife and mother.

The life you want takes work, but so does living in survival mode. In survival mode your always on the defense and that’s no way to live. We are created to be more than conquerors and that includes our roles as wife and mom.

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

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