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We Will Patiently Parent Our Children

We Will Patiently Parent Our Children

We Will Patiently Parent Our Children

I have been all over the place here in terms of topics. I have so much I want to share with you ladies on parenting, marriage and friendship. God is really stretching me right now and the growth is happening so fast I don’t have time to write it all, but I will share it one day once things slow down. One thing I do want to share is how much fun I’m having with my kids now that school is on summer break.

We Will Patiently Parent Our Children

I wrote How to Stop Being and Angry Parent in 2013, just before summer break and to date it’s one of my most popular post with over 2,ooo pins and 500+. The reason it’s so popular because many of you, like myself, struggled or still struggle with parenting patiently.


I get it. I do.

Parenting is hard, but we have a responsibility to set not just a good example for our kids, but a Godly example.

Since writing that post I have been working on my character using the steps in my book Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue and 4-week devotional Her Pleasant Words.

I knew it was possible to patiently parent, I just didn’t know how long it would take for me to get there. So for those of you wondering about length of time until you see results, let me give you an update.

It took me three years to finally be at a point where I could talk to my husband about deep and serious issues without it turning into a shouting match. After that I began working on how I communicated with my children. I didn’t want to be a yeller. I no longer wanted to be angry mom. Using the same steps in RFMTVT I used to better communicate with my husband, I began focusing on how I parented my children. During 2014, I took notes on what was working, what my triggers were and that’s when I came up with the idea for my HPW 4-week devotional. These two resources were a direct result of my transformation process to becoming not just a better wife, but better mom too.

We Will Patiently Parent Our Children

Fast forward to 2015, it’s summer break and guess what I think about spending it with my kids? I’ve already shared it here, here here and here, but if you didn’t see it we are enjoying each other.

It’s been eye opening learning to control my attitude, words and emotions. Mustering the discipline to get pasts my frustrations is not always easy, but it’s worth it because my kids are worth it.

I’m not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination. I’m flawed as a wife and mom and fail more than I like, but God if always there encouraging me to keep holding His hand.

He is leading me to be better and He’s here to lead you to.

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

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  1. I failed again in that patient area today:( In fact, I feel like I fail everyday! I want to be a better wife and mommy – but I need God’s strength to help me figure this out. You brought out some great points. I have been trying to figure what my triggers are, too. I appreciate your words of wisdom and I am glad you are much better with your family. Now I need to go read that other post about the angry mom. I love the resources on here!


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