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Financial Freedom Goals: Debt Freedom is on the Horizon

Financial Stewardship Goals

In the last year I haven’t written anything about financial stewardship and for those who were following our Total Money Make Over journey I apologize.

Financial Stewardship GoalsLet me get you caught up on where we are, provide a quick explanation of why I was MIA on the topic of financial stewardship since last year and where we are now.


In the last year we have seen so many financial breakthroughs it’s been crazy. We saved quite a bit of money, saved for a vacation and did a major remodel of the lower level of our home.

After working on being debt free for so long it felt good to save and spend up on some things. We’d been living with a water damaged lower level for several years so once our income increased we decided to cross some things off our list before completing baby step 3 of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over. Baby step number 3 of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over is having a fully funded emergency fund. Dave’s idea of fully funded is three to six months of expenses which we will complete by December.

Now that we’ve let ourselves live a little, we will buckle down and begin baby step 4, 5 and 6 which are save for retirement, save for the kids college and pay off the mortgage.

Between now and December we are partnering with some friends to actually go through Financial Peace University. We’ve never done it and babe said it would be a good idea to do it to get reinvigorated.

That’s the reason why you may have seen me post pictures of our Financial Peace University Kit and just talking about it in my Instagram feed.

I will be sharing a lot of updates on our progress on Instgram so if you want to see how FPU is impacting my day, how I’m planning, budgeting and working towards our financial goals make sure your following me there.

I will also share my Financial Peace University kit unboxing on my YouTube channel very soon for those of you who’d like to see what’s in the box so make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel.

If you are working through Dave’s plan let me know what step you are on.

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

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4 thoughts on “Financial Freedom Goals: Debt Freedom is on the Horizon

  1. Hi Proverbs wife,
    I like Dave Ramsay but I do not follow his plan per se. My husband and I went thru the financial freedom seminar offered by IBLP and thankfully, we only have a mortgage to pay off. My husbands entire income goes on to the home loan and we use my income from the government (which we hope to get rid of once the mortgage is paid off) to support our family of 10. Currently we have knocked 17 years off our home loan and we have only a few more years left ( maybe 5?) before our mortgage is gone. We have no credit cards or other loans. Well done for what you have accomplished so far, and keep your eyes on the prize! Finally being debt free! 😀


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Megan, we have been so blessed by the Total Money Make Over. Congratulation on reducing the mortgage debt. Did you guys skip baby step number 3, 4 & 5 to attack the mortgage?


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