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How I Do My Bible Devotions

How I Do My Bible Devotions

How I Do My Bible Devotions

One of my most beneficial time investments each day is the time spent studying the Bible.

I always come away from it feeling encouraged, inspired, wiser, stronger and more courageous in my faith. I also come away feeling a sense of conviction and urging to become better for Christ.

There are so many ways you can do your devotion time, but today I will show you how I do mine.

First, let me explain what devotions and devotionals are too me. Devotionals are mini Bible studies but together usually on a specific topic. For example, my books Remove From Me This Venomous Tongue and Her Pleasant Words are both Devotionals on the topic of communication.

Devotions on the other hand, are a demonstration of our love, loyalty and adoration for a specific person, activity or cause. The object of my devotion is Father God and a relationship with Him. I am committed to spending time in His word, because I love and adore Him. I want to be more like Him and to live for Him.

Today I am specifically showing you how I spend time devoted to God by the reading, meditating on and writing of His word. I’d love for you to share this post on social media or with a friend via email. The best way to support my site is by sharing it.

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How I Do My Bible Devotions

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6 thoughts on “How I Do My Bible Devotions

  1. This is an amazing way to study and reflect on the scriptures. I look forward to using this format through my study of HIS word. THANK YOU for sharing!


  2. That was simply awesome! I’m so excited about getting up tomorrow and doing my devotional!


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Adrienne, Yes girl!! I’m so excited for you.


  3. Deborah Ripoli says:

    Thank you for sharing. Am trying to get back to worship and study but the motivation is not there.


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