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Living a Focused Life

Living a Focused Life

Living a Focused Life

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I read my Bible just about every day of the week and ask for His direction each morning. Before getting out of bed, I thank and praise Him for His goodness.

I do it because I need a relationship with Him to live the life He has for me. I do it because I’ve seen who I am without Him, but even with this I am cautious. I’m cautious not to let this daily ritual become just something I do out of habit.

I don’t want to get so caught up in the habits of my walk with Christ that I miss the relationship.

Do you know that people can read the Bible daily, say a daily prayer, go to church every Sunday and still miss God?

I don’t want to miss God by becoming a believer who does things habitually. I want my relationship with Father God to be fresh everyday.

Every time I talk to Him I want it to be new and unrehearsed.

Every time I hear his voice whisper my name I want my heart to swell with excitement and a joyful desire to respond to His call.

In want to fall in love with Him all over again every single day.

I want Him to know how much I love hearing about the plans He has for my life.

To keep my relationship with Him fresh, it has to be intentional and cultivated.


Everyday I have to intentionally clear my mind and set my focus on Him. If I don’t, I can begin talking to Him as if He’s not there. I can begin reciting rehearsed conversations like clock work but not really connecting with Him.

It’s so easy to become complacent in our worship for a number of reasons so we have to be diligent in cultivating the type of worship and relationship we want with the Father.

I want a relationship that’s fresh. One where I hear His voice guiding me. One where I’m excited and expectant to hear His voice. One that’s not rehearsed, but life giving.

So I find myself asking God daily to be the center of my life.


I find myself petitioning Him to help me keep Him as my primary focus.

I desperately need Him to be my focus.

I don’t low about you, but I’ve seen how easy it is for my focus to begin shifting away from Him a little every day. It’s crazy how easily our focus can begin shifting. How we can find ourselves so absorbed with things that don’t fulfill us.

Going into the new year I’ve chosen three words that defined how I need to grow. One of my words os “focus”. I want more focus in every area of my life starting with my relationship with Father God.

I want to reverence Him and honor Him more and more each day of my life.

To do that I’ll have to be intentional about removing things from my life that pull my focus away from Him.

In everything I do, I’ll need to search for His presence.

I want Him to be a part of every aspect of my life.

I want more of God and His goodness.

I want Him to have more if my focus, my thoughts, actions and time.

It’s hard because it’s so easy to become carnally minded but I am perusing God with my whole heart.

I know Father God has some amazing things planned for me.

I’m excited about where He’s leading me and I hope you are just as excited in your walk with The Lord.

If not I want to pray with you. If your relationship with Father God isn’t where it should be leave me a comment and I’ll add you to my prayer list.

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1 thought on “Living a Focused Life

  1. Hi Saidah I’m a Born Again for 2 years now, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that because my relationship with Father God is not as deep as i’d like it to be. My biggest problem is that i don’t have faith in myself and i don’t feel deserving of His love. i know how to pray, i go to church, i’m in the learning stage of how to pray for my husband and i read my Bible hard copy or the Audio way. But i still don’t feel like i have a connection with Him, mainly because i’m scared He might reveal Spiritual things to me, and talk to me so i can hear Him. So my focus is always shifting and i do want to form the relationship with God but how to i get rid of that fear that is keeping me from getting closer to him? i’ve watched your videos but i only started reading your Blog tonight and i think there is a reason why it’s happening now, that’s because i want to step into the new year like a new person. Please give me some advice and keep me in your prayers thank you.
    Nyakallo from South Africa


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