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The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

The 3 Relationships You Must Cultivate This Year

Last year I challenged myself to come out of my shell and start being more hospitable. That meant cultivating my relationships with people outside of my home, but before I ever got to that point I needed to make sure that the relationships closest to me were healthy.

One thing I love about me is my transparency. If things aren’t gong well in my relationships, you’ll know it. I can’t put on a genuine happy face when my relationships are in shambles. This character trait is good because it forces me to consistently work toward nurturing my relationships so they remain healthy.

There are many relationship dynamics, but the most important are the three I share in this video. In my experience, when these three are healthy and thriving, out of them flow benefits that positively impact every other relationship in your life.


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