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Prepping Our Hearts to Patiently Parent



You are either in the throws of spring break or anticipating it’s arrival. That time when your kids are out of school can be a time of growth and strengthening of the family or chaos.

I want that time for your family to be about growth, but in order to do that you must make a plan for success.


How do you do that?

The way me cultivate a God focused spring break where He get’s the glory in honor is by prepping our hearts to patiently parent. It’s to hard to do at all, but it will take some intentional actions on your part.


To make it super simple, I’ve created a video walking you through each step I take to prepare my heart and also wrote out each step below. Don’t skip the video. There are a lot of golden nuggets in there I mention that you won’t get in the list below.


Prepping Our Hearts to Patiently Parent 


1. Envelope your family in prayer.


2. Set an atmosphere of worship.


3. Make some plans, but expect changes.


4. Pray for what you need.


5. Prepare your prayer closet.


6.Remember where you’re battle lies. It’s with the enemy, not your family.


7. Sow seeds that will produce Godliness.


8. Usher your children into God’s presence. They are fighting a battle too.


Once your done watching the video, let me know in the comments, what’s holding you back from being the mom you want to be to your children and which of these steps will you take to change.




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