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Successfully Submitted

Successfully Submitted

Successfully Submitted

Is the struggle real for you in the area of being successfully submitted? If you’re struggling with this Biblical principle, you don’t have to. The enemy may have deceived you into believing that submission is a curse, when it’s actually a blessing.

For me, the struggle to submit was in part because of the enemies foothold I had allowed in my life.

He had me thinking submission in marriage is a loss, but it was really one of the biggest wins for my marriage.

When done according to God’s plan, you will experience a much more fulfilling life.

When I submitted to Gods plan for marriage, and then to my husband my life and our marriage changed.

  • Do you struggle with submission?

  • Do you look at it as a punishment rather than a blessing?

I’m here to help you have a mindset shift. The victory level in your life and in your marriage is directly connected to this Biblical principle.

Successfully Submitted is a 40-minute video course hour and a half of real talk about submitting to God and submitting to husbands.

Click the following link to get this course —–> Successfully Submitted

In my Successfully Submitted course you’ll learn how to let go of your husbands God given position so you can flourish in yours!

During this LIVE video class we’ll go over:

1- How to submit without losing your identity.

2- Techniques to Biblically and not blindly submit.

3- Practical examples of what submission looks like in day to day life.

Grab the course: Successfully Submitted

The course lands in your inbox shortly after checkout.

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