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How to Pick Up the Pieces When You’re Broken eBook

How to Pick p the Pieces When You're Broken

It’s official friends! The first ebook of this year is, How to Pick Up the Pieces When You’re Broken.How to Pick Up the Pieces When You’re Broken

I have experienced my fair share of brokenness, fought my way out and believe it’s my responsibility to not just thank God I’m out, but to reach back and help other women fight their way out.

I use the term, “fight” because I literally believe YOU must initiate warfare against the enemy in order to regain all that has been destroyed in YOU.

NOW IS THE TIME to make up in your mind that you will be restored and everything in you made whole. If you are certain that you’re ready to put your confidence back together, How to Pick Up the Pieces When You’re Broken, is for YOU!

Who is this book for:

Women who have been broken by past or present circumstances.

Women who don’t see themselves as powerful and victorious.

Women who get overwhelmed by what life (or the enemy) throws at them.

What this book will do:

Give you real stories about times of brokenness in my life and the steps to restoration.

Tell you exactly how to become a restored and whole version of yourself.

Teach you how to possess your courage and boldness.

How To Pick Up the Pieces When You’re Broken

Tap here to get your copy before this ebook goes in my resource vault.

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