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How I Balance Entrepreneurship With Homemaking

How I Balance Entrepreneurship With Homemaking

I’ve heard a lot of people say there is no work life balance and I partially agree if you work for someone besides yourself. I am an Entrepreneur which makes me my own boss and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I knew after my first official job that I never wanted to work for someone again. Two things I quickly learned from working a traditional job was that I didn’t control how much I made, what I did or my time. In a job, I didn’t make the rules and I didn’t like the rules that we’re being made for me.

As an Entrepreneur, all of those aspects are under my control so as a result I have work-life balance that helps me thrive. Thriving is important to me. Being able to live out my purpose and enlist my potential is the life I was created to experience. For that reason I made the decision years ago to leave the work force and later become an entrepreneur.

What Do You Do For A Living?

The short answer is I’m a Blogger who creates digital content here and on ApronsAndStilletos.com. After a year of creating content, connecting with women, answering questions and sharing resources, family friendly brands began asking me if I would include their products in my content. I was already telling you about coupon and grocery deals so it made sense to collaborate.

The short answer is I am a Blogger, but the long answer is I’m a Digital Media Creative. I create written content for my blogs and social media pages, but I also create digital resources for my online community, coach entrepreneurs, consult with business owners and guest speak at events.

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I love what I do for a living and how it aligns with my purpose. My work is fulfilling and balances perfectly with my family goals.How I Balance Entrepreneurship With Homemaking

How I Balance Entrepreneurship With Homemaking

I frequently examine and determine what my priorities are as a wife, mom and business owner. This is simply me deciding what is important to me and my family.

1 – Early on I decided being the primary influence in my kids lives was important to me so I quit my job to be at home full time. I taught them about life and homeschooled them off and on over the years while building my business from home.

2 – I also decided creating a system for caring for our home was important. I believe every family member is a contributor and frequently adjust our chores to reflect our current lifestyle.

3 – I set boundaries for my business and treat is like a business. I have office hours, a home office and systems in place for running my business. There was a time when I was working on it a lot and the schedule was not balanced. I was making a 4-5 figures every month but I was working late into the night and before the sun was up. I was getting stressed and knew I needed to make some changes. My income took a hit for a few months, but later went back to normal with a better balance.

What Does My Day Look Like?

Quiet Time – The first thirty minutes to an hour of my day I read the Bible, say my affirmations, meditate and organize my thoughts. I do this before getting out of bed and preferably before speaking to my husband. The first voice I want to hear is my internal voice and the mission is to make sure my voice is lining up with the voice of God. I take time to rid my mind of lies, negativity, fear, doubt or anxiety. I take inventory of my emotional, spiritual and mental state then do my routine to make any corrective adjustments.

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Exercise – I have a sixty minute minimum exercise goal. This goal is about staying physically fit, but it’s also about keeping myself in a peak mental and emotional position. Exercising produces seretonin which has a calming effect I need in my day to mainatin balance. I am a very high strung, high wired kind of person. Germaine thought I was Bi-Polar at one point in our marriage because I get very passionate about things and some don’t require that level of passion. Exercise gives me a reason to get out of the house for a little while, be around other people and also feel the natural elements on my skin. Whether the cool air, sun or rain, it’s good to get outside especially if you’re like me and work at home.

Chores – I break chores down into categories.

  • My chores vs. kids chores
  • Morning chores and evening chores

Each day I make a list on my phone of what chores should be done that day. My kids are 19, 18 and 16. They have been doing chores in this house since birth so cleaning the bathroom every Saturday, taking up the trash every Tuesday and mowing every couple of weeks are things they know already. They know them, but they don’t always do them. The chore list is usually a list for me to remind them of what they didn’t do.

My chore list is usually broken down into these categories.

  1. Something that must be done (ex: grocery shop, menu plan, clean the shower, start a load of laundry, thaw something for dinner, water plants)
  2. A home maitinance task (ex: repair something, touch up paint something, quarterly insect defense treatment)
  3. Home improvement (ex: install flooring, finish backsplash, organize/purge closet)

I only do four to five  number one chores per day. I tackle some in the morning like starting a load of laundry or unloading the dishwasher before sitting at my desk to work. I may tackle another in the afternoon and then one or two in the evening. I do these in between working. So I will work for an hour or so, then take a mental break for chores.

Number two and three are normally rolled into my mid morning and afternoon workday since I purposely use home matinance and improvement projects as content.

The big thing about my work life balance is that what I do for a living flows with who I am as a woman, wife and mother. I share content online about gardening, doing dishes and really anything that relates to my life. That sharing is what I do and am paid for as an entrepnuer. The life I have is the life I wanted. I gave and took a lot to get here, so I don’t think it robbery to applaud myself for what I’ve accomplsihed. I did something no one I knew was doing and I was frightened at times to go this unknown path, but every step of faith has brought a reward.

Are you an entrepreneur? How long have you been and what do you do?


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