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How to Get FREE College Degree

Free Degree


Germaine and I are working on getting our youngest son into an Ivy League debt free just like our oldest son. 

My oldest is junior at Princeton (the number one Ivy League in the U.S.) and we pay $0! — no cap! 

Oh, you didn’t know you can go to the best schools in the country for $0? 

Well I can show you better than I can tell you.

My next class will be on attending college debt free. In Free Degree — No Cap!! I’ll break down 15 SECRET hacks to increase your child’s odds of getting into college for free!!

We hate debt and we do everything we can to stay out of it including finding ways to make sure our kids don’t take on debt. In our search we unlocked some secrets that families can use to almost ensure they do not have to go into debt to send their kids to college.

Pre-admission to the class is open and you can register using the link below.


So…help me, help you. In addition to the information I’ll share in class, what questions do you have about getting your kids into college debt free?

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